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Modern Interior Design

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With heart, passion, vision, and sweat… second lives are possible.

With our high school past of economic struggles in our families, we came from a background of “making do with what you got” and “don’t waste anything”. So, when we purchased and moved into our 1st home, we could not bear to see items thrown away just because they needed a little work or love. 
My husband’s talents include carpentry/woodworking, masonry, and advanced handyman skills. My talents and skills as an artist, craftsman and DIY’er seemed to be a nice compliment. 
I’m the CEO and CFO, he is the COO, and both of us are the laborers and artisans. Works great! We are always on the hunt finding items that have history, uniqueness, or just ‘talks to us’. Then, with a little love, creativity, and a bit of sweat, breathe new life into them.
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Modern Interior Design